Gwobby's Adventure for Atari 8-bit

Gwobby is the best, he's the greatest cowboy in the wild wild west. Gwobby is the main character in Gwobby's Adventure, to find out more checkout the Characters and Funwall pages.

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The first in the Gwobby series, it is on the 8-bit Atari. You have to draw his path to get to the end, but avoid the stalagmites and stalagtites! Gwobby has to save Mrs. G from the evil Emperor Nyorb who is hiding in the depths of Cave Cwaddilor.

Download the game here:

 Gwobby.ATR    Latest Version: 8th June 2009.    (Run with BASIC enabled)

  • Press Select or move Up or Down to set Level (play on Progwobb or Gwobezy if you are finding things too tough!)
  • Press Option or move Left or Right to turn the Cursor on or off (helps you to keep track of your line)
  • Press Start or Fire to play 
  • Evil Emperor Nyorb has kidnapped Mrs G and taken her to his lair deep in Cave Cwaddilor
  • Simply draw a path to get our hero Gwobby to the exit on each level!
  • Avoid crashing into the stalagmites and stalagtites.
  • Move right, up or down or press fire to drill down. For a quick gettaway try moving right and pressing fire at the same time
  • Help Gwobby to collect ammo, gwobstoppers and Mopchop will help you if you see him.
  • Hint: Gwobby can make use of all objects by walking over them, useful if you think you are stuck!
  • Every 9th level is a minefield where you can collect lots of ammo. If you have collected the Cwadizer on the 8th level you will have a clear path.
  • Levels 10, 20 and 40 are shooting screens where you can gain an extra life by shooting the letters n y o r b, defeating Nyorb's henchmen 'The Drogs' or trimming the legs of 'Magmapus' the flaming octopus! (pull down to end these screens early or to save ammo for a future battle)
  • Level 30 level you need to destory the nyorb-craft by shooting the shields weak spot
  • Level 50 is the final shoot-out between Gwobby and Emperor Nyorb. Wait for the chime sound before firing!
  • Listen out for the Gwobby Mania buzzer where you need to get a move on as Gwobby is not going to hang around!
  • Progressive difficulty plus the games gets tougher in more ways than two after each round... Try and achieve the ultimate rating of Gwobmeister (the highest level reached is also shown on the title screen along with the game instructions)

Here are the recommended controls (Using the PC Atari800WinPLus 4.0 Emulator):

  • From the 'Input' 'Joysticks' menu, select 1. "Arrows+RCtrl as fire" click OK.
  • Use the arrows as the Joystick (Up, Down, Left, Right)
  • Right Ctrl as Fire
  • F7 to speed up the loading, F7 to put it back to normal (100%)
  • F9 to pause
  • F2 Start    F3 Select    F4 Option

Gwobby Skyclimb

PC game! Download here Gwobby Skyclimb (rename the downloaded file from .aaa to .exe)

 Unlike it's predecessor, this game was created on the PC program, Game Maker. The basic idea is to manouvre Gwobby through the levels without touching enemies. The complete version will be on here soon! At the moment it is a keyboard controlled game, but soon will become joystick controlled. To finish each level find the gap in the stage, or locate the boss (e.g Nyorbcraft)


Once again, Nyorb has kidnapped Mrs G, but has a new lair, in the sky! Use Gwobby's new hoverboots to soar towards Nyorb's base!!! But this time, Nyorb has a whole new army of Buzzoks, Ballerina Birds, Badbats and many more!


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