Gorilla Warfare - A new game for the 8-bit Atari Computer

Gorilla Warfare

  • For the 8-bit Atari Home Computer (64K)
  • Programmed in Atari BASIC
  • By Jason Kendall © Kendallsoft 2009 - Free for all Atari fans!


  • Atari XL/XE – Insert disk and power on!
  • Emulators – Ensure basic is enabled. Autoboot the ‘GorillaWarfare.ATR’ image

Game Summary

Gorilla Warfare is more of a thinking platformer; maybe a cross between Donkey Kong Jr, Kangaroo and Canyon Climber? Or maybe not! You have to work out how to complete each level before your tree-top base is discovered and destroyed. You play the role of Viet-Kong, the Gorilla who’s had enough of the war that is destroying his natural habitat. Armed only with fermented fruit and a tiny, little, mostly harmles detonator stolen from the military base, you set about destroying the enemy soldiers who are patrolling the jungle.

Mission Briefing:

  • You are Viet-Kong
  • Avoid enemy soldiers
  • Collect explosive fruit
  • Deposit strategically
  • Take detonator to tree top base

 Title Screen

  • Press Start or fire button to play on base 1
  • Press Select for base 2 and Option for base 3
  • Press Help for reconnaisance reports (these instructions!)


  • Hold the joystick when moving (or hold down the keys if using an emulator), do not tap the stick.
  • Use joystick to move Viet-Kong up, down, left or right.
  • Use fire button to jump
  • Hold down fire button and move left or right to climb up diagonally quickly.

Difficulty/Levels/Extra Life:

You can start on any of the three jungle bases. However, it is rumoured that there is a secret fourth base that can only be reached by completing bases 1, 2 and 3 and collecting the bonus fruit that appears on each level! An extra VK will be awarded if you beat the secret base The timer runs quicker on each level to give an added challenge. Levels 1-4 are easiest, beating levels 5-8 is tricky and after that you need to employ every time-saving shortcut you can muster to beat levels 9-12.


  • Viet-Kong can climb almost everywhere but he cannot fall down too far!
  • Use platform edges to break your fall.
  • There may be more than one way to move around so look for the many shortcuts to save time.
  • Watch how the green soldiers patrol there are sometimes safe areas that you can rest in.
  • The red solider can be lured away with a bit of patience.

More Tips

Climb up the tree and pick the over-ripened fruit. Take it carefully to the slots above the ropes, pull down to deposit the fruit. When you have collected and deposited five pieces of fruit you can then reach the detonator. Take the detonator to your tree-top base, push it down, and KABOOM!

My Ramblings

After many years of Atari absence I started programming Gorilla Warfare in 2008 after completing Gwobby’s Adventure. Having not quite mastered Player Missile Graphics I wanted to see if good old Atari BASIC and I could move some bigger characters around without the game being too slow, and, it’s just about manageable! Gwobby was my first use of the four coloured character modes. After this I wanted to suss out how to make the text more readable, so I got the old ‘Page 6’ magazines and books out and created a DLI for the status bar.


Thanks to Jake for the idea of a political game for the Atari and designing the realistic(!) graphics. The music is ‘Computer Blues’ adapted from the Atari 130XE manual. Thanks to Debbie and her family for looking after me during my illness.

Download Game Here

Have Fun!






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