Gwobby Strikes Back

Gwobby Strikes Back! final version (1.2) April 2011

By Jason Kendall © Kendallsoft 2010/2011

Requires Atari XL/XE

Loading Instructions – Boot Disk!

Following his early efforts ro recover his football in the prototype Gwobby Jr and rescuing Mrs G. in the excellent Gwobby’s Adventure (who writes this stuff?!) Gwobby, our hero has a brand new challenge in Gwobby Strikes Back. In Kendallsoft’s (don’t be put off it’s much better, honestly!) new game Gwobby has to recover the Rings of Cwaddilor to escape, once again, from Evil Emperor Nyorb and his cohort Blue Cat…


In game story:

Gwobby has returned from rescuing Mrs G from the evil clutches of Emperor Nyorb, and everything seems fine. But one day the Nyorbcraft hovers over Dorple, and the renowned burgular Blue Cat drops down and steals Gwobby in his sleep, and takes him back to Nyorb’s base in Cave Cwaddilor. To escape from each chamber, Gwobby has to harbour the power of the Cwaddilor rings, but Blue Cat and Nyorb do whatever they can to stop him escaping, including Nyorb and his henchman the Drogs filling the cave with crazy hazards and contraptions which make the rings harder to reach!


Now 234,258 different platform levels (is that a record?!)

Kiddies Mode (tested by Travis age 4 - teaches basic movement, on off, and being careful not to fall off!)

Progressive difficulty (right through to level 99)

Slightly animated player missile graphics and colourful level design

It’s a platform game with a twist… you can shoot back at the bad guys!

No two goes are the same!

German and English versions

Saves High Score to disk


[/Start] or Fire button to begin the game

[Select] Kiddies mode

[Option] Special things; but the only one I’ll tell you about is press Option again to clear the high score


[Left] / [Right] Walk

[Up] Climb, Jump Up

[Down] Descend

[Diagonal Up] Jump across

To shoot hold fire and move in the direction you wish to shoot. Gwobby being a cowboy slept with his two pistols by his side. He also has his invaluable cowboy hat that can sometimes save him from falling off platform edges and help him in other innovative ways (hint – use to avoid the horizonal force fields) !

[Space] to Pause / resume

[Start] to Abort game

You start the game with three lives and an extra man is awarded at 10,000 points. On each level Nyorb’s Power Orb is protected by a lethal force field; fortunately for Gwobby the underground power supply periodically short-circuits allowing Gwobby to jump and capture it. The power orb can help Gwobby in many mysterious ways as well as providing extra lives on the early levels! Did I mention the limited oxygen? No! Oh well I’m sure you’ll not survive long enough to run out of oxygen!

Big 5 Tips

Always collect the orb! (When the centre is lit up!!)

Gwobby is a versatile little fella, learn to jump from the edges of platforms.

Shoot the baddies in mid air while you are jumping a gap (in any direction) or from a ladder.

Jump up at the last second to cling onto disappearing platforms

Shooting a baddie breaks your fall (a little)


The game starts off intentionally easy so don’t be put off by the first couple of screens, they’re just to get you started and let you get the hang of collecting the power orb! By screen 5 you should get the idea and if you manage to get to level 16 then you’re doing pretty well.

Final Version (1.2) April 2011

After squeezing out some additional bytes by loading the PMGs from a file and a few other tricks, I’ve added a few more levels. Squeezed a bit more performance so even with both baddies and all the missiles going it’s a pretty playable game now. Changed some sound effects and created a new font which improves the title screen too. Made some cosmetic improvements, added a couple of new features and toughened up many levels especially some of the jumps. Added more variety to the ladder layouts and rope. Additional and improved death sequences, just how many ways can you kill poor Gwobby (our hero!)? Plus a few suprises!

Version (1.1) January 2011

Has many improvements including better PMG animations and death sequences. It also makes things much easier for the first few levels by holding back some of the trickier plaftorms until later on. Plus additional extra lives from the Power Orb and nearly double the number of levels. The power orb now re-appears if you die on the early levels.

Version (1.0) October 2010

After my previous platform games Gwobby’s Adventure and Gorilla Warfare I finally managed to master player missile graphics thanks to the book Atari PMGs by Philip P. Seyer. I combined this with the improved speed of Turbo-BASIC and much help from the guys at’s 8-bit forum. Entered into the abbuc software contest 2010, came a disappointing 11th out of 11 entries as I don’t think people played it enough to get into it , but it later got a nice review in the abbuc magazine issue #103 and in Atari User magazine #3 (November 2010) and positive feedback on atariage (thanks guys!).

If you like my game, or even if you don’t, show your gratitude or disdain by playing classic Atari 8-bit games in the High Score Club on

Thanks to Dylan, and Debbie and to Gunnar for help with the German translation.

Have Fun! Long live Atari!

Download here >>>  Gwobby Strikes Back  <<<

Short video showing some shoot'em-plat action:

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