MITE for Atari 8-Bit


MITE, a thinking boulder disposal game with 18 screens. [One of my much better efforts, my original buggy version was released by Page 6 Magazine on Issue 83 as a bonus game. I have re-vamped the game and added a bonus countdown timer and a super bonus if you complete a screen quickly, has saveable high score table] Nearly mode lets you mess one boulder up per level ;-)

Latest verson 18th November 2008

Download (Boot with BASIC)



CAR CRASH for Atari 8-bit

Prang, Smash, Wreck and Bump have to race around Taria Garage, helping Mr. Jonas find all his spare parts, if they don't then next weeks races will be cancelled, and all of Taria Races fans will be angry and come and destroy the garage!

Car Crash, avoid the computer cars whilst clearing the screen, more of a tactical arcade game as you move at the same rate as the computer cars. When the Spanners are shown the computer cars do not change lanes! [Good game once you master the controls, hold the joystick when changing lanes! 1-4 Players]

Latest Version 13th December 2008

Download (Boot with BASIC)



Gwobby Jr.  for Atari 8-bit

Gwobby and Mop-Chop were playing football, but the ball landed in Cave Cwaddilor, and Gwobby has to get it now!!!

Latest Version 14th December 2008

Download (Run with BASIC enabled)


I did a bit of work on an early version of Gwobby's Adventure for a competition on as it was still playable in it's own right... see this link for the other games:

Simply draw a path to get Gwobby safely to the exit... (hint: you can bash through the obstactles). Seven difficulty levels. Try and get to screen 20. There are 10 points per level plus a bonus depending on the difficulty level you are on! Be sure to play the real deal Gwobby's Adventure as this is really only the prototype!

Kendallsoft Klassics Volume I  for Atari 8-bit

Latest Update 2nd June 2009

Download (Run with BASIC enabled)


Contents (more descriptions and instructions below this section)

Gwobby Jr [Good - Prototype for Gwobby's Adventure (available on this site), still fun but hard - use the version above instead is this is an old one]

Flikin' Football [Good - 2 Player simultaneous penalty shoot-out fun. First to ten wins the match]

Bouncing Boneheads [Good - get 5 alike or positions 1-3 or 1-4 or 1 and 5 to match]

Runnaway Van 2 [Good game, now has two player simultaneous action, WOW!]

Grand Theft Auto Atari [Ok, avoid tanks, run over goodies, you know the drill!]

Trolley Trouble [Good 1-4 Players, one of my early efforts. Catch things in your supermarket trolley! Get a Ming or Smiley bonus for catching enough heads (shown at the top of the screen, plus a super bonus for equal numbers!] Hint: Push up at the last second to block the missile!

Skyhawk [Ok - For the little ones. Fly your chopper, bomb the enemy vehicles, avoid the missiles]

The Number Game [My first game - Guess the number 1-9 WOW!]

Rumpelstiltskin [Guessing Game - amend code with a list of your names]

Alien Blaster [OK - I was struggling with PMGs! One day will have to sus them out!] This is a more recent version, shoot the baddies but don't take too much damage. Keep an eye on your ammo... gets harder after each round.

Tron Bike [Good - Head to head avoid the line game, I think I modified this one - Great fun for 2 Players]

Millionaire [Work out when you will be a milionaire!]

Wiggler [2 Player amazing action and great graphics, wiggle left and right. Ahem, ok it's still playable!]

Drum Kit [Bad! Use both joysticks to make a racket!] 

I have recently added a few others - Quasi's Revenge, Satellite Struggle, Minipacs and Jungle Journey.

Satellite Struggle [Good - Rescue satellites '#' Avoid meteors '*' Collect other bonuses on higher levels]

Quasi's Revenge [OK - You know the score! Throw boulders down to repel the attackers. Think this might be too easy!]

Minipacs [OK - Eat the squares, avoid the homing baddie]

Jungle Journey [Good - Travel through the jungle, keep an eye on provisions, try and survive if you can. Keyboard game]

Credits: Satellite was a game from a book but from memory I added joystick control, levels and things to collect. Minipacs based on a program from 'Atari User' (UK) magazine. Jungle Journey is a modified version of Elephant's Graveyard a game from the 'Atari Compiuting' tapes if I remember correctly. I liked this game so much I added a few features... one of my early hacks!

Flikin' Football

Samuel Striker plays for Atari Utd and Kevin Keeper plays for their rivals Atari City. It's the 8-bit Final, and whoever wins gets to take home the trophy!!!

Bouncing Boneheads

This game is a tribute to Bouncing Boneheads. Small collectible figures that I enjoyed playing with when I was a young whipper snapper.

Runaway Van

Van Man is trying to track down renowned criminal Greg, who has escaped prison, after he was arrested for armed robbery, however, his cousin Paul is also walking around, however he is innocent, so make sure you avoid hitting him at all costs!!!

Instructions in game.

Grand Theft Auto Atari

Everybody knows the game series, Grand Theft Auto, here's Kendallsoft's Atari version.

  • Bonus increases when driving
  • Fat man +2,000
  • Cat -10,000
  • Thin man +1,000
  • Mother and child Doubles your bonus
  • Crashing into other cars - lose life
  • Tank - Banks Bonus oh but it kills you if you don't get it so make sure you do OK?!

Trolley Trouble

Dr Zookenbull has proposed a new way of shopping, Remote Controlled Trollies, whilst he is building, two different species, Mings and Smilies are having a war on Cloud 9. Dr Zookenbull suggests that they use the trollies to catch any injured Mings and Smilies falling from the cloud. However, there are also many goods and bads falling at the same time. If you catch enough injured bodies to fill up the hospital there is a bonus, if you catch more Smilies than Mings, the Smilies will win the war and reward you with a bonus, and the Mings will if you catch more of them. However, if you catch an equal amount, then the war will be over, and they will be so grateful they will reward you with an even bigger bonus.

Bug - They are jumping from Cloud 9 to avoid the war

Big Diamond - Treasure Collections from Ming and Smiley Palce are falling, catch them for a whopping 500!

Small Diamonds - Lots of small diamonds are tumbling down too, you could be lucky and get alot, or not very many!

Ming Chutes - Catch the falling Mings for a 50.

Smiley Chutes - Catch the falling Smilies for a 50.

88 - 88's are worth, go on have a guess...

Little Bombs - If one of these bad boys lands in your trolley, you will lose a life!

Big Bombs - Don't catch these, or you will lose two lives!!!

Stretch Box - One of Dr Zookenbull's crazy inventions, catch this and your trolley will stretch to the size of 3 trollies! This will help you grab lots of goods, but could it also make it easier for bads to land in there?

Missile - This will make you lose just one life, but it travels so fast it's tough to avoid, press Up Arrow in time to detonate it in mid-air!

Lightening - One shock of this will kill you instantly, so it's best to steer clear!!! 

Sky Hawk

"Captain Hawk, your our only hope" said the President of the U.S.A (United States of Atari) to Captain Hawk as he boarded his faithful helicopter Sky Hawk. He jumped into the drivers seat and headed towards their biggest enemy, Commodoreland. Captain Hawk has to bomb everything he can see in Commodoreland, and avoid enemy missiles, don't let us down!!!

The Number Game

Numberbot is thinking of a number. Can you guess the number? If you do badly, he can be pretty offensive!

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